4 Signs You Need Gutter Repair

4 Signs You Need Gutter Repair gutter freedom

Here are a few signs you need gutter repair.

Your home’s gutter system is arguably one of its most essential exterior features. Gutters capture water runoff from the roof and disperse it to the downspouts. The water runoff is then taken safely away from the home’s foundation. Gutters are also often taken for granted, and maintenance is often reactive rather than proactive. In this blog, we’ll discover why it’s important not to neglect gutter cleaning and maintenance. Here are a few signs you need gutter repair.

Sagging Gutters

If your rain gutters are sagging, then there’s a good chance that they are not doing their job. Gutters can sag for several reasons. The most common reason is they are filled with debris and blockages, which means water is pooling up within the gutters and adding excess weight. Sags usually form in the center of the gutter, as water can’t reach the downspout. If the issue isn’t fixed, gutters can sag more – eventually detaching and pulling away from the roofline. In some cases, they may completely separate from your home’s facade, leaving your home temporarily without a functioning gutter system.

Standing Water

If you’ve got water pooling near your home, it is a threat to your home’s foundation, which can cause settling and cracks over time. It may even get into your basement and cause further damage. Ideally, gutters should effectively move water away from your home, using downspouts to send it into your yard. You could have a clog or a poorly aligned gutter canal if water collects or pools. If you suspect this is the case, check your home’s gutter system immediately.

Leaking Gutters

Gutters will likely leak due to aging sealant, poor maintenance, and damage due to impact. Even a tiny crack can lead to big problems. 

Even minor leaks can be detrimental to your property over time if they’re not corrected.

Unlike sagging, spotting leaking gutters is more difficult. One way to spot leaks is by walking the perimeter of your property when it’s raining to check for any leaks and to verify that downspouts are discharging water appropriately. Some leaks can be resolved by clearing clogs or obstructions in the gutter system.

Rusted Gutters

Rust forms when water sits in the gutters over time. If you’re finding rust on your gutters, there are likely bigger underlying issues, like poor installation, clogs, or obstructions.

Over time, rust can spread and form holes in your gutters, degrading them further and requiring new gutter installation. The orange flecks can also spread and stain other parts of your house. Rust can significantly compromise the gutter system’s overall function. That’s why gutter repairs should be performed at the first sign of rust.

Professional Gutter Repair and Installation

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