How to Prevent Clogged Downspouts

How to Prevent Clogged Downspouts gutter freedom

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can prevent clogged downspouts in the first place.

Heavy rains can be troublesome, so gutter systems are vital to keeping your home safe and weatherproof. Gutters collect and siphon water off your roof to protect its structural integrity. Downspouts are critical to this process, as they carry the water away from your roof and the foundation. 

Downspout cleaning is a fundamental part of rain gutter maintenance. To ensure your gutters are working properly, the entire system must be free of obstructions, including your downspouts. If you don’t maintain your gutters regularly, most of the debris will end up in the downspouts, and once there, there’s no easy way to get it out. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can prevent clogged downspouts in the first place.

The Problem with Clogged Downspouts

Downspouts get clogged when debris is caught in the water current flowing through the gutters. Sometimes, dirt, leaves, branches, and other debris are simply drained away along with the rainwater. However, clogs are a risk when you leave the debris to sit within your rain guttering system. If your gutters aren’t cleaned regularly, the effects might not become obvious until the downspouts are completely blocked, with no way for water to flow. It might be hard to find the clog because downspouts have no open sections to look inside, but the elbows and seams are two of the most common places where clogs form.

How to Prevent Clogged Downspouts

Proper Installation

The size of your downspouts must match the width of your gutter. Some smaller gutters are incompatible with large downspouts, so if you want wider downspouts to reduce the risks of clogs, contact a professional gutter installation company to help you choose a system that matches your gutter’s dimensions. Be sure to use professionals who can ensure that your guttering system is suitable for your home and your climate.

Install Gutter Covers

Without proper protection, there’s no way to stop leaves and dirt from falling into your gutters. Gutter guards cover the parts of your gutters that are most vulnerable, so rain and wind don’t bring outside elements into your gutters and down the downspouts. They are the easiest solution to ward off debris, branches, leaves, and rodents. A professional installer can help you determine where to install gutter guards.

Keep an Eye on Your Trees

Gutter guards are already a great asset, but if your house is surrounded by trees, you must keep an eye on the leaves, branches, and pine needles growing around it, especially if they hang right over your gutters. All the vegetation in your yard may eventually reach your gutters, so you must trim all your trees and shrubs properly. Also, remove fallen leaves as quickly as possible after a storm, even if they land far from your downspouts.

Professional Gutter Repair and Installation

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