How Do Gutters Protect Your Home?

How Do Gutters Protect Your Home? gutter freedom

Read on to learn about the ways your gutters protect your home.

Gutters aren’t usually the first thing people consider when considering their homes. However, a few other features are as important as protecting your home. Most people know that gutters collect rainwater as it drains off your roof and channels it away from your home. But did you know that gutter systems also protect your home in other ways? Read on to learn about the ways your gutters protect your home.

Gutters Protect the Walls of Your Home

A properly functioning gutter system allows water to flow through your gutters and into the ground away from your home. As rainwater flows through your gutters, it takes any organic material through your gutter system. This organic material, consisting of leaves, sticks, dirt, and small branches, can get stuck, creating clogs in your home’s gutter system. If a clog is overlooked for too long and grows large enough, water can leak over the gutter and down the side of the house, seeping through the walls and into your basement.  

Protects Your Foundation

Water on and around your house can cause serious damage, and gutters mitigate the damage to your home from rain and snowstorms. Gutters keep water off the walls of your home and protect your home’s foundation. If your gutter system separates from the side of the roof, rainwater can fall off the roof’s edge instead of collecting in the gutters. If this happens, water can pool in your foundation, a serious and potentially expensive complication. Gutters are essential for protecting your foundation if your home sits at the bottom of a slope or if your home has little to no overhang.

Gutters Prevent Mold Damage

Gutters keep your home’s walls and foundation safe from water damage, meaning they also help prevent mold growth. Any part of your home that is damp for a prolonged period is susceptible to mold growth. Mold can cause the walls and siding deterioration and present a serious health hazard to your family. Ensuring your gutters are properly maintained to keep water away from your home effectively is one of the best preventive solutions to preventing mold growth.

Gutters Prevent Infestations

In addition to keeping your home clear of standing water, gutters protect your home from pests and animal infestations. When debris accumulates around your house, it creates the perfect environment for pests and small animals to build nests. Cleaning and maintaining your home’s gutter system regularly will prevent the build-up of leaves, needles, and other debris where pests or other small animals might gather.

Professional Gutter Repair and Installation

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